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As much as we love a scented candle, sometimes we just like to have a lovely amber glow. This unscented candle is perfect for that choice.



All wax and no scent



  • ~210g    50+ hours 

L O W T I D E // All Wax & No Scent

SKU: 0009
  • ~Look after your candle and it will work well in return. All it wants is to have its wick trimmed after each burn, even if it looks like it doesn't need it. This prevents a large flame occurring and possible sooting.


    ~Ideally burn your candle for a maximum of four hours on any occasion. Again, this helps to with potential tunnelling (very thick wax not being burned to the edge of container) and the heat of the vessel.


    ~With the intensity of the wax melting, it may cause your wick to move slightly over to one side. Once extinguished, re-center the wick (by using a tooth pick or such like) before the wax solidifies. This will ensure an even burn for next time.


    ~All our candles are tested to the enth degree but for precautionary measures Coastal Yard advises to NEVER pick up a lit candle in case the jar is too hot. Always extinguish first and leave to cool.


    ~Place your candle on a heat resistant surface away from children and animals.