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Once my four boys had grown, it gave me the time to pick up the camera again and capture the wonders of our coastline.


Living in Brighton and Hove on the South Coast, the views are all there for the taking. My passion revolves around photographing the seas and the area it surrounds. To be on the shore in every range of weather can be breathtaking, some days it can be four seasons in one day but chasing that 'one shot' keeps the adrenaline rush going! 


My work consists mainly of black and white prints and the genre I specialise in are coastal features and seascapes. Any coastal visit will endeavour a camera shoot including long exposures shots and often my four boys will serve as my human element in a frame.


I run a platform on Instagram @coastal_yard_photography with a much larger portfolio of the work I do which has built me up a great deal.


I hope you enjoy what I have to offer so far and should you wish to check out my instagram account (name above) and see any other images you may prefer, please ask and if I can print, I shall...




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